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Scientific Research

Our team conducts cutting-edge research to advance knowledge and solve complex problems. We use rigorous methods to explore new frontiers.

Artificial Inteligence

Our experts develop advanced AI systems using machine learning and natural language processing and Large Language Models (LLM) to tackle complex challenges.


We design and develop advanced control systems for robotics using the latest technologies to automate tasks and improve efficiency.

Computer Vision

We develop advanced computer vision systems using machine learning and image processing to enable machines to see and understand the world.


We are a technology startup delivering cutting-edge solutions.

Some of our favorite projects to
ignite your imagination.

Development of an autonomous quadcopter drone for aerial surveillance and data acquisition.

Italy, 2021

Implementation of an unmanned aerial vehicle for precision agriculture and crop management.

Italy, 2021

Exploration of advanced robotics concepts using the TurtleBot platform and ROS middleware.

Italy, 2023

Design and assembly of electronic circuits using surface-mount technology and through-hole soldering techniques.

Turkiye, 2022

Programming of the Nao humanoid robot using the Naoqi software framework for advanced motion control and human-robot interaction.

Spain, 2022

Design of a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller for stabilization and control of an aerospace system.

Turkiye, 2023

Development and implementation of advanced computer simulations for the modeling, analysis, and visualization of a robotic arm system controlled by human motion.

Italy, 2023

Implementation of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms for autonomous navigation and mapping in robotics applications.

Italy, 2022

Integration of the TurtleBot mobile robot platform with the Robot Operating System (ROS) for autonomous navigation and manipulation.

Italy, 2022

Generation of 3D models using artificial intelligence and vector graphics techniques.

Turkiye, 2023

Development of a meteorological framework for weather prediction and analysis using advanced data processing techniques.

Italy, 2023

Application of X-ray imaging technology for medical diagnosis and treatment planning.

Italy, 2022

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happy clients.

Kavotic is doing innovative and cutting-edge research in the fields of Robotics and Computer Vision. They have been a valuable partner for us in the Aerospace, Defense and Security sector, developing solutions that meet our needs and expectations. Their expertise, professionalism, and creativity are highly commendable.

Nicola Troiani

Former General Manager, Leonardo, Turkiye

Kavotic has a strong background in Scientific Research, especially in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. They have helped us improve our Network Security products and services with their innovative ideas and solutions. We have enjoyed working with them on several projects. They are a friendly and reliable team that we trust and respect.

Gianmarco Tisone

Founder and CEO, Mint, Italy

We are proud to work with Kavotic, an amazing startup that is doing groundbreaking Research work in Artificial Intelligence. They have inspired us with their knowledge and experience as we develop our Marine Traffic Monitoring and Security products. They have also supported us along the way with their generosity and passion. They are a talented team that we admire.

Roberto Leuzzi

CEO, Agilmente, Italy

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